Floor Structures

1 box contains floor structures appliable to roughly a 60-100 square meter demension in approximately 1/35 scale
The biggest size of floor structure blocks is 13.5 square meters in 1/35 scale. There are 6 pieces of this size in one box, with another 6 pieces in half size.
If you want to build a 1 story house, then you can roughly have a 13.5sqm X 6 pieces + 6.75sqm X 6 pieces = 124.5sqm floor sturcture (the land) to build your house at most with this box. There are 2 boxes contained in 1 set of STANDARD SET.

There are 2 boxes of floor structures contained in 1 Standared Set.
Application Content & Color

 IKKEN-YA miniature house blocks are developed mainly for hobby and recreational use for adults(this product is not suitable for professional house designing).

 The Standard Set is supposed to be used to construct a 2 story individual house on a 60-100 land ( in aaproximately 1/35 scale), or a 1 story individual house on a 120-200 square meter land at most. It is up to the creator`s creativity and imagination how he would like to layout his dream house. However, creators may find some of the blocks are in short if the layout of the building they try to create are comparatively sophisticated. Purchasing multiple Sets or adding some of the optional boxes can solve this problem.

 What makes the IKKEN-YA blocks outstanding among existing toy blocks is the concept of seperating the `structure blolcks` with the `panel blocks`. The concept makes it possible for users to choose the favored colors of walls and floors without changing the layout, a similarity to the joy when planning a real house. This products is patented in Japan, the US, and EU. It is also a Japan Hobby Industry Association awarded product.

Use the floor structure blocks to set up a land.
Aapply the wall structures to layout the walls.
Use the exterior wall panels and interior wall panels to sandwitch the wall structures.
Attach the floor panels to the floor structures.
Use roof panels to build the roof.

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