IBI Corporation is established in Sep. 2000 in Tokyo, Japan.

IBI has been devoted to international trading and business consulting business covering areas of Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong, mainland China and the USA. In 2004 IBI released its first originally designed product, IKKEN-YA miniature house blocks, a free creation plastic blocks set for adults for recreational use. The product has its patents registered in Japan, US, and major markets in EU. As a creative product that has nothing similar having been launched ever, IKKEN-YA won the award of `Japan Hobbby Industry Award` in 2005. IKKEN-YA has been developed into a more cutting edge product in 2013 and is ready to be re-launced to a wider range of potential markets worldwide.

IBI has its passion for providing consumers a more delightful, creative, intellectual products, for the purpose of giving more choices of individual`s recreation life. More creativity, less stress.

IBI believes that on the road of imagination, we are and always will be just kids.

To contact IBI Corporation, please email to info@ikken-ya.com

IBI Corporation
No.1113, 1-24-1, Nishigotanda, Shinagawaku, Tokyo, 1410031, Japan

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