Free creation for building a rouly 1/35 scale
miniature house.

Plastic Blocks. No cutting, no gluing,
No construction knowledge, nor craftsmanship needed.

Realistic Look.

Detail in discretion

Building can be made bigger and more sophisticated
by purchasing more sets of products.

New concept of construction toy blocks
that seperates the structure with the decoration panels
of the building. It enables the user to choose their preferred
colors by using the same structure.

8 categories of blocks included.

Blocks in 8 categories included in a STANDARD SET

Floor Structure

Wall Structure

Exterior Wall Panel

Interior Wall Panel

Floor Panel

Roof Panel


Glass material (Acryl)

Contents of STANDARD SET

Floor Structure X 2 boxes Wall Structure X 2 boxes Exterior Wall Panel X 2 boxes
(Color choices provided)
Interior Wall Panel X 2 Boxes
(Color choices provided)
Floor Panel X 4 boxes
(Color choices provided)
Roof Panel X 2 boxes
(Color choices provided)
Accessaries X 1 box Glass material (acryil) X 2 boxes

Example of assembly steps

Creative samples of STANDARD SET

Creative samples of 2 STANDARD SETS

Tips before purchasing
The biggest size of floor structure block is 13.5 square meter in 1/35 scale. There are 12 pieces of this size in one STANDARD SET, with another 12 pieces in half size. If you want to build a 1 story house, then you can roughly have a 13.5 sqmX12 pieces+6.75sqmX12 pieces=243 sqm floor structure ( land ) to build your house at most. If you want to build a 2 story house, then the buildable demension would be roughly under half of that size, etc.

You may find some of the blocks are in short to build up your ideal plan, depending on the sophistication of your layout. However, this problem can be solved by purchasing additional `OPTION SET` ( individual category box in the STANDARD SET) or multiple sets of STANDARD SETS. Howver, applying the blocks with efficiency could be the best way to avoid the problem. It could also be intellectually fun feaguring out how not to exessively use certain same blocks.

The minimum unit you can purchase is a box of OPTION SET ( which is the similar box product that is contained in the STANDARD SET). We are sorry that purchasing single block (or the same block in big volume) is not available.

Purchasing multiple sets of STANDARD SET or OPTION SET adds you the capability to create a bigger and more sophisticated building.

This is a plastic block set. No cutting nor gluing is needed. No construction knowledge nor craftsmanship needed.

The needed time for completing a building depends on the creativity of individuals. Generally, it can vary from 4 hours to 1 week.

The blocks can not be painted.

The product is for recreational and hobby purpose, not for professional house design.
Some of the blocks have extremely sharp angles. Please be cautious when assembling. Please also keep them out of reach of children. The product is not suitable for age 14 and under.